City of Blinding Lights {Part 2}

I’m excited to share this post with you since it has to do with two of my favorite things! There’s nothing like a really great dessert and a brand new pair of shoes. And if you were wondering where to find these two things in the city, you’re in luck.

Five Favorite NYC Desserts

1. Vanilla Cupcakes at Magnolia’s Bakery – Although I prefer chocolate over vanilla any day, these vanilla cupcakes are unlike any other. You can watch the cupcakes being iced right behind the counter. They taste like they were baked in your grandma’s kitchen and there is just something so wonderful about them.

2. Frozen Yogurt at Pinkberry – Pinkberry is located in various states around the country but it was in NYC that I first fell in love. There are several flavors close to my heart- the original tart, mango, and salted caramel. I love the various toppings they put on the frozen yogurt. Here’s a little inside tip- they have cheesecake bites hidden in the back so don’t be afraid to ask for them when ordering.

3. Chocolate Cannolis at Ferrara Bakery – As if I didn’t love regular cannolis enough, they decided to dip these in a chocolate hard shell. If you’ve never been to this bakery in Little Italy, I suggest you stop by as soon as possible. I love ordering the mini pastries so I can try out a bunch of different ones. My other recommendations are the fresh fruit tartlets and cream puffs.

4. Salted Caramel Gelato at Il Laboratorio del Gelato – This is the best gelato I’ve had outside of Italy. There’s something so amazing about this savory sweet flavor. The best part about this spot is that they have over 250 flavors to choose from and they’re all created in the laboratory right behind the counter. This Lower East Side spot is perfect for an after dinner treat. They have all of the classic gelato flavors as well as my other favorites- root beer, cream cheese, and lavender.

5. Vanilla Soft Serve Cone with Chocolate Sprinkles at Mister Softee – I understand that this is a simple ice cream truck that serves basic ice cream cones but Mister Softee and I have a special relationship. Being a huge ice cream lover, it’s great that Mister Softee has about 100 trucks that can be found all over Manhattan. Let me warn you though, make sure you only purchase from the REAL Mister Softee because there are knock-off trucks trying to fool people all over the city.

Five Favorite NYC Shopping Spots

1. Forever 21 in Times Square – I’m a huge Forever 21 fan and what could be more amazing than a five story location in the heart of Manhattan? Despite the tourists and hundreds of preteen girls flocking to the store, it’s still one of my favorite places to shop.

2. Henri Bendel Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue – Every time I walk into Bendel’s, I like to pretend I’m Blair Waldorf stepping into a shopping mecca. I have purchased some of my favorite jewelry inside of this gorgeous store. Every girl needs something that sparkles and this is the place to find it.

3. Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market – Before moving to NYC, I never appreciated a good flea market. I thought they were full of junk and never took the time to notice they were full of treasures. They sell everything from jewelry to antiques to vintage clothing. This weekend market is open year round and is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

4. Topshop – If I was forced to spend all of my money in one store, it would definitely be Topshop. They have the most unique selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Although the prices don’t allow for frequent shopping sprees, I can be caught perusing the racks and drooling over the shoes quite often.

5. Century 21 – This Financial District shopping staple is a great place to spot a good deal. I recommend hitting the store during the week when the tourists are at a minimum. My favorite part of this location is the massive warehouse-type room filled with every kind of purse imaginable. Although you’ll spend at least 30 minutes in line for the fitting room, you’ll always walk out with a great purchase.