A Day in the Life


1. The sunflower booth at the Saturday Morning Market always has a line wrapped around the block. // 2. Homemade salted caramel brownie cookie sandwiches; the cousin to my famous red velvet cookies. // 3. Root beer floats under twinkling lights at Urban Brew & BBQ. // 4. Colorful cocktails overlooking Beach Drive at The Canopy. // 5. Checking out Scarlet Johansson’s newest indie flick “Under the Skin” at the enchanting Tampa Theater. // 6. Ridiculously delicious Nutella banana waffles at Ella’s Americana Folk Art Cafe. // 7. Lady Gaga in Ft. Lauderdale kicking off the first night of her artRave world tour! // 8. Quiet afternoon underneath the wall of lamps at Mandarin Hide. // 9. French macarons and blood orange mimosas for brunch at Birch + Vine.


New York Girl

I’m not really sure how Christmas has already come and gone…the holidays always seem to disappear in the blink of an eye. Back in November I made a weekend trip up to my old stomping grounds to visit friends, eat at some of New York’s finest establishments, and of course…take in the autumn leaves! It’s nice to look back at the golden colors since the leaves are now long gone and snow is the only thing New Yorkers will be staring at for the next few months.

^^Pink gem-faced mannequins inside Topshop.

^^NYC always looks better in lights.

^^Having a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” moment on the stoop from the 1961 movie.

^^The best tacos in the city at Tacombi in Nolita. Carne Asada tacos, fresh watermelon juice, and grilled corn in a cup.

^^Central Park was covered in golden LEAVES!

^^So many popsicles to choose from at Popbar.

^^The colors inside the park were just breathtaking.

^^Massive fortune cookie dessert at TAO.

^^Lady Gaga’s bone dress at her ARTPOP pop-up installation in the Meatpacking District.

^^DVF has always been one of my favorite buildings, just love those hot pink lips!

^^The famous Jeff Koons ‘Balloon Dog‘ worth $58.4 million! Should have stuck it in my purse…hah!

City of Blinding Lights {Part 5}

As I conclude Part 5 of my NYC favorite things series, I have taken the time to look back and realize what an amazing two years it has been. For my final entry, I’ve put together my five best memories of living in The Big Apple.

 Five Best NYC Moments

1. Lady Gaga MTV Interview / Central Park Concert – I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan so living in NYC was the perfect opportunity to experience everything Gaga related. I was selected by MTV (twice) to take part in special on-air features about Gaga’s “Little Monsters.” The first interview, I dressed up in Gaga’s red lace VMA’s dress and was interviewed by her close friend and famed producer Davi Russo. Immediately after this interview, I ran over to Central Park and stood in line for 8 hours to see Gaga perform for the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series. The second interview I participated in was in the old TRL studio over Times Square. I was a part of the video release for “You & I” and Gaga herself was there for this one! I feel so lucky to have been included in these events.

2. The Hamptons – Although I adore the city, there is nothing quite like escaping to the Hamptons. Christen took me to East Hampton to stay at her family’s house for the weekend. Everything from the picturesque vineyards to the beautiful pool in the backyard to celebrities’ mansions lining the beaches was just surreal. I have never felt more glamorous and this is one of my best memories of living up north.

3. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade / Fourth of July Fireworks – Ever since I was a kid, I would wake up early on Thanksgiving morning to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my brother. I never imagined that one day I would be front row for the action. With the massive floats passing us on the street, it felt almost as if we were in a dream. This past Fourth of July, I was lucky to be a part of the Macy’s “Ignite the Night” fireworks spectacular. Not only did we see four sets of fireworks blast off over the water but we also got to be a part of the NBC live telecast with Regis Philbin.

4. Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Opening – I was invited to attend this exclusive celebrity-filled party. From the amazing hor d’oeuvres to the open champagne bar, everything about this party made me feel a part of the A-List. We were rubbing shoulders with Jay-Z, Russel Simmons, and Ashanti. I had such an great time dressing up and getting the red carpet treatment with my girlfriends.

5. Fashion’s Night Out – Every September, to kick off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, NYC hosts Fashion’s Night Out. Over 250 stores from Fifth Avenue to Soho all extend their store hours and kick off the fashion filled week with goodie bags for their guests, open bars, DJ’s spinning, and in-store celebrity appearances. At my first Fashion’s Night Out, I was able to catch a glimpse of Rachel Zoe at Piperlime in Soho. I also ran into Chanel Creative Director and Style Icon Karl Lagerfeld. Last year, Leighton Meester was putting on a small concert inside of Tiffany & Co. on Fifth Ave. We spent the evening indulging in chocolates, champagne, and diamond-encrusted desserts. This event is hosted in many cities worldwide so even if you don’t live in NYC, you can still be a part of the action!

As I depart NYC today, I am so incredibly thankful to every single person I have met over the last two years. Without each and every one of you, my experience would not have been the same. I will never forget the time I spent in this unbelievable city and I look forward to what’s ahead for me.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Farewell New York City, see you again very soon.

Goodbye to You

I’ve spent the last week cramming in as many fun activities as possible. I have finally checked off everything on my “NYC Bucket List” and feel like my time here is almost complete. I had brunch last weekend with three of my best girlfriends Alyssa, Lauren, and Christen at a gorgeous place in Chelsea called The Park. You felt as if you were sitting in an enchanted forest underneath vines and pretty winding branches.

I won tickets to the Sex and the City bus tour a few weeks ago at a trivia night. My friend Gabby and I finally redeemed out vouchers and went on the tour around Manhattan. We were the only locals on the bus but thoroughly enjoyed the trip around the city. We stopped at Buddakan where Carrie and Big had their wedding rehearsal dinner in the Sex and the City Movie. We stopped in the West Village for some Magnolia’s cupcakes and shopping at Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs. One of our final stops was at Aiden’s bar “Scout” where we cooled off and enjoyed cosmos.

This past week Courtney and I made dinner reservations at Lady Gaga’s parent’s restaurant Joanne Trattoria. Of course I wanted to visit this restaurant because of it’s relation to Gaga but the chef, Art Smith, is the former personal chef to Oprah and Jeb Bush.

We walked into the restaurant and Lady Gaga’s mom, Cynthia, was sitting at the front bar. It’s pretty scary how much they look alike except her mom was wearing more than Gaga’s typical leotard and heels. As I walked up to the hostess, I realized it was Gaga’s younger sister, Natali. She showed us to our table and after we finished the wonderful Italian meal, Cynthia came over to chat with us for a bit. She told me I looked fabulous and that she wanted my dress. What a compliment from the Queen of Pop’s mother! I just found out Gaga was at the restaurant this past Saturday- looks like I just missed her!

I was lucky enough to get 15 of my NYC friends together for my going away brunch. Courtney hosted the event and we held it at one of my favorite Upper West Side spots, Calle Ocho inside the Excelsior Hotel. Their Cuban inspired dishes and unlimited sangria bar are only a few of the reasons I chose this location. It was so fun to get dressed up and spend the day with close friends. I feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people while living here!

I topped off the weekend with some shopping in Soho and lunch at Tacombi. I’m proclaiming this as the best taco spot in the whole city. They make the tacos in an old VW van and they had the best grilled corn straight off the cob. Georgetown Cupcakes, made famous on the TLC show “DC Cupcakes,” just opened a shop in Soho so of course we stopped by for some peanut butter cupcakes.

My mom arrives into NYC today and we start packing this week. Looking forward to visiting Hoboken today for Pretty Little Liars trivia night! What a perfect way to start off my final week in the Big Apple.

City of Blinding Lights {Part 3}

I officially have 10 days left in New York City. Every day that I’ve spent in this city, I think about the things I would miss if I left. On the other end of the spectrum, there are things I would not miss at all.

Five Things I’ll Miss About NYC

1. Autumn – There is something so magical about this time of year. The brisk weather, the orange and yellow leaves adorning Central Park, and the feeling that winter is on it’s way. If I had to pick one season to spend my entire life in, autumn would win in a heartbeat.

2. Brunch – I know what you’re thinking, you can have brunch anywhere, not just in NYC. But brunch is a typical weekend activity in the city. Sitting around a table with a bunch of friends sipping mimosas has quickly become one of my favorite activities.

3. Casual Celebrity Run-ins – I have been very lucky to see my fair share of celebrities while living in the city. Some of my most exciting run-ins have been with Ed Westwick, Joe Jonas, and Rachel Zoe. The pictures below were other casual encounters with Matthew Settle (“Rufus” from Gossip Girl) and Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone at the “Crazy, Stupid, Love” movie premiere.

4. Skyscrapers & Rooftops – There is something so magical about the view of Manhattan from a rooftop. The never ending “concrete jungle” is such a sight to see. The view from the plane ride flying into Manhattan is also one of the coolest spectacles.

5. Art & Fashion – New York is such a great place to soak up the art and fashion cultures. Every designer has their exhibitions and shows open in the city. Fashion Week has been down the street from me for two years. The elaborate window displays on Fifth Avenue are unlike any other.

Five Things I Won’t Miss About NYC

1. Small Apartment – As much as I love my little apartment, I can’t wait to have more space. Having to switch out my summer and winter wardrobes because they won’t all fit in my closet is something I don’t really love. I enjoy cooking but with a counter top that is only about a foot wide, it makes it nearly impossible. I will also not miss my window air conditioning units. They keep me cool most days but I really love central AC.

2. Winter – I hate winter. The only thing I like is that my hair doesn’t get frizzy and I get to wear cute scarves but besides that, nothing good comes between the months of December to April. I could live without the random blizzards, icy sidewalks and constantly wet feet.

3. Public Transportation – As efficient as the subway is, I really will be okay without it. The extreme heat in the middle of the summer, the homeless people constantly bothering you, and the less than delightful smells are all things I won’t miss. I can also do without riding in NY cabs and dealing with the (mostly) rude drivers. If I’m going to cut someone off or speed down the highway, I’d rather do it in the safety of my personal vehicle.

4. Rodents – Back in Florida, I’m used to seeing squirrels and lizards. In NYC, mice are the equivalent of these creatures. It’s sad that when mice cross my path here, I don’t even flinch or think twice. Also, a few months back, I was sitting in a Times Square movie theater enjoying a flick when I heard little chirping sounds next to me. I look over and realize there is a rat sitting on my armrest. I jumped up as fast as possible and ran to customer service, demanding a refund after being traumatized. No one even apologized because they said “this happens all the time.” I really dislike these disgusting little creatures.

5. Higher Cost of Living – It’s hard to write my rent check each month. My rent is double from what I paid in college and I have half the space. A trip to the grocery store includes a $6 box of cereal or a $15 pack of toilet paper. I will no longer have to fill my suitcase with Walmart toiletries when visiting New Jersey.

It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

It’s hard to believe another year is coming to an end. It seems like just yesterday I was wrapping gifts, baking cookies, and filling my closet with winter clothing. The holiday season in the city is the most magical time of the year. Over the last week, lights have been strung on trees, Fifth Avenue is lined with sparkling snowflakes, and store windows are being transformed into the most magical of spaces.

Before all of the Christmas decorations go up, the leaves turn yellow and orange. Central Park becomes the most enchanted spot in the whole city. Although winter can be rough, the first sight of autumn makes me so excited for the cooler weather to roll in. I cherish those few weeks a year when the air turns crisp and the magic of fall wanders in. If only it would stay for a little while longer…

While I was home in Florida, I was so happy to spend some time with friends and family. We celebrated my brother Tyler’s 22nd birthday. Hard to believe my little brother is growing up so fast! My mom and I ate at some of my favorite chain restaurants and Mariah and I went to the nail spa and mall for a little girl time. I always love being back home!

Kate’s wedding day started off at a beautiful hotel suite on the ocean at the Dunedin Marina. We spent the morning getting our hair done, sipping mimosas, and watching wedding movies to get excited for the big day! We slipped into our champagne bridesmaid dresses and helped Kate into her gown. The ceremony at the white chapel in Palm Harbor was perfect and the reception in the gardens was so magical. I was so happy to be a part of Kate and Korey’s special day and I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve woken up early on Thanksgiving morning with my brother to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The giant balloons floating down the streets next to the skyscrapers seemed like watching a fairytale. This year, Courtney and I were going out to her aunt’s house in New Jersey for our Thanksgiving meal but decided to go to the parade that morning. The 6am wake up call was well worth it. The balloons seemed even larger in person and everything about being at the parade was so spectacular.

It wouldn’t be a complete blog entry without something Lady Gaga related. This holiday season, Barney’s has dedicated an entire floor to the lady herself- they call it Gaga’s Workshop and it’s a brilliant display of art, gifts, music..and of course a lot of leather and sequins!

2011 has been one of the most memorable years of my life. I have so much to be grateful for..I’m living in the most amazing city in the world and have the most loving friends and family I could ever ask for. As cliche as it sounds, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Cheers To One Year

This has been one of the craziest weeks since I’ve moved to NYC. On Tuesday afternoon, I was sitting in my room when I felt my bed begin to shake. All of a sudden, pictures on my walls started to move and it felt like the entire apartment began to tremble. I was on the phone with my friend Laura (who lives about 50 blocks away) and she claimed that her entire apartment was shaking too. It only took us a few seconds to realize what was going on..EARTHQUAKE! I didn’t even think earthquakes could happen on the east coast!

After the excitement of the earthquake, we were warned that Hurricane Irene was making her way to the North. We are now under a “State of Emergency” and a large part of the city has to evacuate this weekend. Heading out tomorrow to stock up on food and water. I leave Florida yet all of the crazy weather follows me…

A few weeks ago my friend Melinda came from DC to visit Courtney and I in the city. We met Melinda when we went to visit our friend Steven in DC a few months ago. We ended up becoming quick friends and invited her to come stay with us for a weekend!

Her first afternoon here, we made our way over to The Met to see the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibit. We waited in line for close to 2 hours but it was totally worth it. It was unlike any exhibit I had ever seen. Every item of clothing was a piece of artwork. The dim lighting and eerie music really set the fantastic atmosphere for the exhibit. By the time the exhibit closed in August, close to 600,000 people had seen McQueen’s beautiful creations.

“There is no way back for me now. I am going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible.” -Alexander McQueen

Despite the weekend being the hottest temperatures the city has seen in 20 years, we made the most out of Melinda’s visit. Since it was Restaurant Week, we took full advantage of eating at a fabulous five star restaurant. Ever since I fell in love with Gossip Girl a few years ago, I’ve wanted to eat at Butter, just like Blair Waldorf. I also found out the executive chef at the restaurant is Alex Guarnaschelli, one of the judges from the Food Network show “Chopped.” We had a fantastic three course meal complete with a bottle of white wine. Our dinner lasted well past midnight and it was one of those meals I will never forget.

We spent the next day walking around the Lower East Side, exploring little boutiques, indulging in gelato, and having lunch at a fantastic Greek restaurant that made you feel like you were truly dining on a Greek island. To conclude our fabulous weekend, we had Sunday brunch on the rooftop of 230 Fifth. It’s a popular celebrity hotspot but I think we fit in just perfectly.

I’ve become involved with the NYC Pi Phi Alumni Club up here. I found that it’s a great way to meet girls from all over the country and go on some fun outings! Since I hadn’t been to the beach all summer, except when I was home in Florida, I decided to go on the day trip to Fire Island. It took us 2 hours to get there..train, bus ride, and ferry to the island. Nothing like Florida where we would drive 15 minutes and be on the sand! The island was beautiful though. Reminded me of something out of a Nicholas Spark’s novel. I was walking around the island and a deer just appeared in front of me on the path. Quaint little beach houses were scattered all over the island, it looked like a postcard.

Steven popped into the city two weeks ago! I only got to see him briefly so we spent our time together exploring the High Line, drinking apple pie milkshakes from the milk bar at Chelsea Market, and at my favorite bar in the East Village, Angels & Kings. It’s always so fun to have my old friends from home come to visit.

That week, Alyssa also came to visit me for an evening. It was her friend’s birthday and they took a limo into the city so of course they invited me to tag along for a fun night out!

I made a quick trip to the West Village one afternoon with some friends to see Carrie Bradshaw’s stoop from Sex & the City! The apartment is now a private residence but it’s one of the hottest tourist attractions in the city..well for females at least!

Last Thursday night was a dream come true for me. After being a fan of Lady Gaga for almost 4 years now, I finally had the chance to meet her…all thanks to MTV! I was selected to be featured on another Lady Gaga MTV special. After waiting in line for an hour with 100 other people dressed as Gaga, they finally let us into the old TRL studio.

Within a few minutes, Gaga herself appeared behind shimmering gold curtains. She looked absolutely stunning, obnoxiously large hat and all. This MTV special was to premiere Gaga’s new music video for her song “Yoü And I.” While the video premiered on MTV, we watched Gaga sing and dance to the song, only a few feet away. She was then interviewed by MTV’s Sway for the next half hour before she departed for the night. Everything about being in her presence seemed surreal and it was a truly magical night.

On August 15, I celebrated my one year anniversary with New York City. It has been one of the most incredible years of my life. I’ve made new friends, adjusted to city life, spent time traveling around the north, and made some memories that will last a lifetime.

Cheers to one year and many more to come!

Summer Hair, Forever Young

The cold weather has finally disappeared and I’m hoping it decides not to return for a very long time! The warm weather and sunshine have never felt so amazing. After a brutal winter, you really learn to love and appreciate the return of summer.

During one of our first warm weekends, Courtney and I decided to pick up some white wine and food at Zabar’s and head to Central Park for a picnic. We turned on some Frank Sinatra, pulled out the Scrabble board, and enjoyed the beautiful weather before it gets too hot to be outside. Brunch is also another springtime favorite. We found an amazing Colombian restaurant in Brooklyn with homemade passion fruit sangria. It’s a great way to start off a Saturday morning.

The beginning of summer also marks the start of visitor season. As soon as it hit 60 degrees, friends and family began booking their flights to the city. My first visitor of the season was one of my best friends from home, Jamie. It was her first time in NYC so I took her to all of the typical touristy places as well as some of my favorite local hotspots.

Our first day out in the city, we went to one of my favorite cafes in Little Italy for lunch. The chicken parmigiana is one of the most amazing dishes there. We spent our first night at Mamma Mia on Broadway then went out for margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It ended up being beautiful the next day so we enjoyed relaxing in Central Park and of course, Pinkberry was necessary. We finished off the wonderful weekend at my favorite brunch spot in Chelsea. It’s always so fun having friends come to visit!

The first weekend of every month is “Free Museum Weekend” for Bank of America customers. I’ve been to several of the big museums in the city but this month I ventured down to the New York Aquarium at Coney Island. It was so nice to see the ocean and spend the afternoon perusing the aquarium and eating corn dogs on the boardwalk.

I enjoy doing my share of celebrity stalking. No, I’m not as crazy as I make it sound but it is pretty cool running into your favorite celebs around town. Hilary Duff was doing a promotional event in Madison Square Park and I made time in my day to stop by. I got the chance to meet Hilary again, which for me, was pretty surreal since I’ve adored her since my middle school days.

Lady Gaga’s new album Born This Way came out a few weeks ago. To celebrate the album release, NYC erupted in Gaga madness. She was doing press all over the city and making appearances on every talk show. I was selected by MTV as one of Gaga’s biggest fans. MTV premiered a brand new Gaga documentary called “Inside the Outside” and I was a part of the live online aftershow. I had the chance to be interviewed by the talented director of the documentary, Davi Russo. I always put 100% of myself into everything I do and this interview was no different. I was lucky enough wear an amazing costume that Creative Costume Company provided me with; it was also the same costume that the band 3oh!3 wore at the 2009 MTV Woodie Awards. What a great experience to be a part of this MTV show!

As soon as I left the MTV studios, I went over to Central Park where I stood in a line for 8 hours to see Lady Gaga perform for Good Morning America’s “Summer Concert Series.” It was a long, sleepless night but getting the chance to see Gaga perform some of her new songs off her album was truly an incredible experience. One of the highlights of seeing Gaga perform is waiting to see what crazy outfit she’s going to appear in!

Like I said, this has been the month of visitors! My brother Tyler and his girlfriend Mariah came to visit. They came to stay with me right after I moved here but this time was even more exciting because I finally knew how to get around the city without getting lost. If you know my brother, you know that he loves to cook and eat. We spent most of our time at Chelsea Market, exploring Chinatown, and eating at little hole in the wall restaurants he found on the Food Network.

It’s not a vacation without at least one touristy stop. We went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum which ended up making for a fun afternoon. They had everything from political figures to athletes to bands. The next day we went down to Coney Island where we had Nathan’s hotdogs, funnel cakes, and fried oreos. Of course it’s not the healthiest of foods, but it was completely necessary. We had the chance to ride the historic Cyclone rollarcoaster that was built in 1927 as well as another coaster where you lay down head first. As rollercoaster enthusiasts, the rides passed our tests!

I had the chance to take Tyler and Mariah to see The Addams Family- their first Broadway show. The show was spooky and bizarre, just what you would have expected from the world’s darkest family. The next day we had dinner at Food Network chef Scott Conant’s restaurant, Scarpetta in the Meatpacking District. Everything about our meal was phenomenal; from the stuffed bread, homemade pasta, and salted caramel gelato for dessert.

I decided to squeeze in a quick trip to New Jersey to visit my friend Alyssa and spend a day on the Jersey Shore. We picked the most amazing day for the beach; there was not a cloud in the sky. After laying on the beach for a few hours and getting tacos for lunch, we went to get margaritas and spend the rest of our day on a bed at the beach. It was the most relaxing afternoon I’ve had in a long time. We ended our night with a BBQ back at Alyssa’s house and some late night drinks with friends.

As soon as I got back from Jersey, my cousins Tracie and Elizabeth came to visit for a few days. My 12 year old cousin Elizabeth and I are very close so it was great to spend some time together in the afternoons while her mom was at a conference. We shopped on Fifth Avenue, had lunch at Shake Shack, explored Central Park, had dinner at the coolest haunted house restaurant Jekyll & Hyde’s, and saw Wicked on Broadway. It was a whirlwind couple of days but it is always so great to see my family!

I went to a Pi Phi alumni club event called “Wine Down Wednesday.” It was on one of the member’s rooftops and it was an absolutely stunning view of the city at sunset. It’s always great to meet new people while drinking wine on a perfect summer evening.

Nothing but the Best

The worst of winter has finally passed and I believe that spring is right around the corner. Although we had an inch of snow last week and it’s barely gotten out of the 40’s, I have hope that the flowers will soon blossom and that birds will chirp outside my window.

I’ve been spending my weekends venturing through different parts of the city and I always stumble upon something new. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to see Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden. Liza Minnelli was sitting a section over from us- it was so cool to see her in person! We only sat a few feet away from the stage and even though it was my third time seeing Gaga, she seems to top herself every time. She is one of the most talented performers I’ve ever seen and I know she has a long future ahead of her.

On a Friday night a few weeks ago, Courtney and I were headed out to dinner and on our usual walk to the subway through Lincoln Center, we were offered tickets to the Metropolitan Opera, Armida. Even though we were starving, we decided to take the free tickets and go to our first opera. It was all in Italian and quite beautiful, but after the first act, we decided we had gotten a taste of the opera but didn’t want to sit through the whole three and a half hour show.

I went to visit my friend Alyssa at her college in New Jersey for a weekend. I had a great time reliving my college days, staying in her dorm and grabbing late night dinners. She lives really close to Princeton so we spent Saturday walking around the campus and exploring the city. The historic buildings on the campus were covered in ivy and so much northern charm. We popped in to a quaint coffee shop and ended the day with ice cream cones at a local campus hangout.

I went back to Florida to visit the weekend before my birthday. The weather was absolutely beautiful the whole time I was there and it was so nice to see all of my family and friends. My mom and I spent a day shopping at International Mall and having lunch at Cheesecake Factory. One of my favorite desserts is their red velvet cheesecake. I spent Saturday afternoon laying out on Clearwater Beach. I forgot how pale I had become throughout this winter and the Florida sun was not forgiving. I got one of the worst sunburns I’ve had in years. At least I came back to the north with some color! I had a lovely birthday dinner at Bahama Breeze with my family. We had a BBQ on Sunday and my brother pulled out his chef skills to prepare us a fabulous meal. I was so happy to be able to see some of my friends as well. Always good to catch up with my girlfriends. What a fun weekend!

I turned 23 this month. I always like to celebrate my birthday for the whole first part of the month. On the actual day of my birthday, a few of my friends and I went to dinner at Cafeteria, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. I always get the pulled pork tacos- one of their best dishes.  That weekend, we decorated the apartment and had a party to celebrate the big 2-3. Birthdays are always a great time to get friends together and eat unnecessary amounts of cake.

One of the best places to get dessert in the city is Serendipity. Although it’s full of tourists and usually at least an hour wait, it’s totally worth it. Courtney and I wanted to get something besides the famous frozen hot chocolate so we ordered a strawberry cheesecake sundae. Between the both of us, we only ate half of it. It had at least 3 scoops of ice cream and was topped off with a slice of cheesecake. One of the coolest things about Serendipity is all of the unique lights and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

One of my favorite authors, Emily Giffin, who wrote the book and soon-to-be movie “Something Borrowed”, was hosting a party for her fans in NYC. I had it on my calendar for weeks and was really looking forward to the party! It was at a trendy lounge called Pranna on Madison Ave. Emily hosted the event and even brought some of her most eligible bachelor friends to the party. I can hardly wait for the movie to come out on May 6 and if you haven’t read the book, I highly recommend you do so!

Last weekend we decided it was time to venture out of the city and into Brooklyn. It was a beautiful, sunny yet cold day but the perfect time to spend outside. We went to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory right below the Brooklyn Bridge. The ice cream shop was shaped like a lighthouse and sat right on the edge of the water in the perfect view of the city skyline. That night we decided to go bowling at Bowlmor in Times Square. It doesn’t even compare to a bowling alley back home. Each set of lanes represented a different part of the city. There was a waiting list to get a lane so they ended up giving up a private VIP room because it was all they had left- we didn’t complain! It’s not very often you have black chandeliers hanging above you while you’re bowling.

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold- when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”  -Charles Dickens

If You Only Get One Great Love, New York May Just Be Mine

Yesterday we had our first sign of winter- snow flurries! I was on my way to work when I could see the small flakes landing on my jacket. It only lasted a mere five minutes before turning into sleet but still, I was quite excited. I’m looking forward to some real snow in the next few months. I keep getting warned that after a few days of snow, I’ll be tired of it and wishing for warm weather and sunshine. The leaves have all started to change and Central Park is absolutely beautiful this time of the year! I love having REAL seasons!

Two weeks ago, I had the chance to meet two of the ladies from The Housewives of New York. They were filming an episode of their show at a costume shop in the city. My friend Alyssa’s mom owns the store and invited us to come see the taping. She personally introduced us to Jill Zarin and LuAnn de Lesseps. We got to talk to LuAnn for a few minutes and she started asking us about our internships at Fuse. She asked me for my business card and told me she wanted to send her music video to us. Then she went on to sing a line from her hit single “Money Can’t Buy You Class.” Boy, was that entertaining…

Halloween in the city was so different than anything I’ve ever experienced. All of the restaurants and bars started decorating for Halloween on October 1. One of my favorite things about fall is carving pumpkins. I carved a haunted house into a pumpkin and I’m thinking of becoming a professional pumpkin carver! On Halloween night, I dressed up as Lady Gaga from the “Telephone” music video and my roommate Jaclyn was Carrie Bradshaw from Sex & the City. I worked really hard putting my costume together and getting the coke cans to stay in my hair all night. I went out with a bunch of friends and we ended up having a blast! We spent our night at a rooftop party in the West Village (even though it was in the 40’s outside). My “best costume award” went to my friend Aaron who dressed up as a tree that got “TPed.” The one question I never got answered though was where do kids go trick or treating in the city?

I’ve been trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather and explore before it starts snowing! Last weekend I went to The Met for the first time. What a gorgeous museum. I went with another friend named Jaclyn and we spent 3 hours in the museum walking around. We then spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Madison Avenue. We went into the Louboutin store and I must say, I was in shoe heaven. Of course we ended up in Henri Bendel’s, one of my favorite NYC accessories stores.

Last night, I had the opportunity to go to a free Katy Perry concert at Roseland Ballroom. AT&T put on a free concert to promote one of their new phones and they gave out a couple thousand passes to fans. She sang all of her big hits along with most of the songs off her new album “Teenage Dream.” Katy put on an unbelievable live show and her costumes were pretty amazing too.

This week I’ve seen snow flurries, the tree go up at Macy’s, and the window displays in progress. We all know what that means…Christmas is coming!