Pumpkin Carving Party


October is my favorite month of the year. The crisp, cool air…the colorful leaves on the trees…oh wait, that doesn’t happen in Florida! Every year, I make a desperate attempt to celebrate autumn despite the 80° temperatures. I invited a few friends over to carve pumpkins but ending up spending most of our time hovered over the food table. I mean who wouldn’t be impressed with a Jack-O-Lantern shaped veggie platter and bloody knife cupcakes? The rest of our night included sipping on cider, enjoying the beautiful weather and everyone cramming onto the couch to watch Halloweentown.










Blue Lagoon


Sometimes in life (or on a really good vacation), you have a moment that is so incredible, you wish that it would never end. My trip to the Blue Lagoon in Grindavik, Iceland was one of those moments. On the last day of the trip, we stopped by these natural hot springs on the way to the airport. Our bus took a winding road through desolate, thousand-year old lava fields before approaching the milky blue waters. You could see the thick white steam swirling from the boiling waters all the way out into the parking lot. We stepped into the chic changing rooms and threw on our swimsuits before battling the 20 degree temps to get into the Lagoon.

On that day, the sun was shining so bright and the clouds were unlike anything I had ever seen before. Our first stop was the swim-up bar for 11am cocktails. We covered ourselves with the white silica mud that filled the bottom of the Lagoon. My skin had never felt so soft. We soaked until our hands were pruney and reluctantly forced ourselves out of the water. Although a hot shower after a long day is pretty great, it will never compare to the heavenly day we spent at the Blue Lagoon.



Image^^View of the entire Lagoon from the rooftop.

Image^^The clouds looked so magical and almost dreamlike.

Image^^Nothing like strawberry champagne while soaking away in the steamy bath.


A Day in the Life

1. The bookstore inside Oxford Exchange is so romantic, I could spend all afternoon in there. // 2. I Love the ‘Burg‘s downtown St. Pete ‘Bougie Brunch’ at Everything Dolce. A Sunday full of champagne + cannolis. // 3. Oversized chandeliers at the new Charming Charlie store, my jewelry mecca. // 4. Beautiful makeup courtesy of MAC Cosmetics. Sporting my new favorite lip color Candy Yum Yum. // 5. Champagne in front of the fireplace on the rooftop of The Birchwood. // 6. The most amazing Christmas present I could have ever hoped for- a pink KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer. A baker’s dream come true! // 7. Tater tots + lemon basil crème fraîche at Anise Global Gastrobar in downtown Tampa. One of the coolest spots I’ve found. // 8. It was a very Kate Spade New Year’s Eve – Pop Fizz Clink! // 9. My LC Lauren Conrad baker’s necklace. I even got a tweet from Lauren Conrad herself after posting this photo!

Sugar Rush

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been overindulging in desserts lately. I’ve always had a sweet tooth but it doesn’t help when you find a few really great local bakeries to add fuel to that fire. I haven’t had much time to bake recently so I figured why not pick up treats from some spots around town?

^^Pastel macarons at the new French cafe Vendôme in downtown St. Pete.

^^Doughnut heaven at Dough in South Tampa. Red velvet, maple bacon, root beer float, and Reese’s doughnuts.

^^Nutella crepes topped with salted caramel + chocolate gelato.

^^Massive raspberry mousse-filled macarons with fresh raspberries. {This was my favorite dessert!}

^^My first cold brew coffee + a cinnamon sugar cronut at Dough.

Today is also the 3rd birthday of my blog! It started as a way to share my life in New York City with all of my friends and family and has now turned into something much more. I hope that you continue to share in my inspiration + creativity on Life is a Red Carpet.