The Land of Fire and Ice {Part 2}


I remember learning in middle school geography that Greenland was the blustery, frigid country while Iceland was the greener, warmer spot. Whoever decided to confuse the middle schoolers of the world is in real trouble. Although Iceland is considered to be the “warmer” of the two countries, we still saw our fair share of snow and ice.

On our second day in the country, we drove out into the Icelandic countryside and watched the sunrise over the glaciers. We stopped by Gullfoss as part of the Golden Circle Tour. Standing at the top of the frozen falls was easily one of the coldest moments of my life. We watched Geysir erupt every five minutes and spew white steam into the air. The sun was so beautifully reflected on the solid ice surrounding the pit of boiling water. We soaked in a thermal bath overlooking the snow capped mountains. We ended the day at Café Paris for the most decadent hot chocolate. And I can’t forget about our favorite meal of the trip…tacos and beer. Sorry Iceland, but nobody wants your whale burgers or steamed puffin.


Image^^The most perfect sunrise from the window of the bus.

Image^^Standing at the peak of Iceland’s most famous waterfall, Gullfoss.


Image^^The bubbling waters of the 10,000 year old Geysir.

Image^^View from the thermal bath. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon…




Image^^The most heavenly hot chocolate, European magazines, and baby Milka chocolate bars at Café Paris.



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