Tea Time

Oxford Exchange is pure magic. From the second you step into the main doors, you enter a place unlike anywhere else you’ve ever been. There’s brown leather couches and mustard chairs, marble counter tops where baristas whip up fancy drinks, tiny succulents adorning the dining tables, and black & white checkered tile throughout the space. Ever since I stopped in for tea last September, I have been hooked on this amazing spot.

Today, the OE celebrates their one year anniversary and I thought it was only necessary to dedicate a whole post to the most wonderful spot in Tampa!

^^The most delicious homemade potato chips.

^^The shop always has the cutest greeting cards.

^^You can sit under the glass rooftop and enjoy an “outdoor” lunch without the sweltering Florida heat. Props to whoever came up with this brilliant idea!

^^Soft pretzels with Parmesan truffle oil + a honey vinegar dipping sauce. I might have died a little.

^^Rainbows streaming in through the front bookstore windows.

^^The most regal staircase. One of my favorite spots in Oxford.

^^Cappuccino + chocolate pancakes.

^^Even the bathroom has fancy lighting.


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