Sugar Rush

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been overindulging in desserts lately. I’ve always had a sweet tooth but it doesn’t help when you find a few really great local bakeries to add fuel to that fire. I haven’t had much time to bake recently so I figured why not pick up treats from some spots around town?

^^Pastel macarons at the new French cafe Vendôme in downtown St. Pete.

^^Doughnut heaven at Dough in South Tampa. Red velvet, maple bacon, root beer float, and Reese’s doughnuts.

^^Nutella crepes topped with salted caramel + chocolate gelato.

^^Massive raspberry mousse-filled macarons with fresh raspberries. {This was my favorite dessert!}

^^My first cold brew coffee + a cinnamon sugar cronut at Dough.

Today is also the 3rd birthday of my blog! It started as a way to share my life in New York City with all of my friends and family and has now turned into something much more. I hope that you continue to share in my inspiration + creativity on Life is a Red Carpet.


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