Roman Holiday

I stumbled upon a hidden gem. I had heard about the Ringling Museum of Art but never took the time to visit until just recently. I had assumed it was a typical art museum, nothing more. Well I was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival. It felt as if I had stamped my passport and escaped to the Italian countryside for an afternoon. The magnificent chandeliers inside the Ca’ d’Zan Mansion took my breath away. After lingering out on the mansion’s veranda, I had completely fallen in love with the colorful chevron tiles and the beautiful view of the ocean. Plus, the museum’s courtyard was surrounded by pink walls, bronzed Italian statues, and an overflowing marble fountain. I forgot for a moment that I was still in Florida.

^^My future home WILL have these tiles.

^^There was something so whimsical about these draping vines.

^^Even the ceilings were magical.

^^Who doesn’t love pink?


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