Sunshine State of Mind

Even though Florida’s summer will go far past Labor Day, I’ve taken advantage of these long summer days and spent most of them outdoors. I met Mariah and Katie in Ybor City recently for an Etsy Craft Fair. I’m a huge Etsy fan and spend hours on the site looking through original art and jewelry. It was really cool to spend an evening in an old Tampa building thumbing through handcrafted jewelry, indulging in mini cupcakes, and chatting over a long downtown dinner.

A few weeks after being back, we were threatened by Tropical Storm Isaac coming our way. People were rushing to the gas pumps, stocking up on water and batteries, and school was cancelled. Everyone was preparing for a Category 1 hurricane but in the end, we had an afternoon rain storm and part of the day was even sunny.

Last week, I made my way out to Crystal Beach to see the sunset while enjoying a peanut butter ice cream cone for dinner. I found it the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer. And there’s nothing like the vivid colors reflecting off the gulf.

I enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon in South Tampa at the Hyde Park Fresh Market. With over 70 vendors, it was a great place to people watch, pick up some fresh produce, and relax before a busy week ahead. My mom’s favorite part of the market was all of the free samples of cheese, homemade oatmeal cookies, and fresh fruit.

After the market, we headed downtown to the Tampa Museum of Art. This modern building sits across from the University of Tampa and sticks out like the sore thumb among the older buildings of the downtown area. Inside the museum, I fell in love with their current chair exhibit. From the red lips to the yellow inflatable chair (which reminded me of one I had in middle school) to the chair made entirely of cardboard, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. And what better way to top off the afternoon then with some Pinkberry?


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