City of Blinding Lights {Part 3}

I officially have 10 days left in New York City. Every day that I’ve spent in this city, I think about the things I would miss if I left. On the other end of the spectrum, there are things I would not miss at all.

Five Things I’ll Miss About NYC

1. Autumn – There is something so magical about this time of year. The brisk weather, the orange and yellow leaves adorning Central Park, and the feeling that winter is on it’s way. If I had to pick one season to spend my entire life in, autumn would win in a heartbeat.

2. Brunch – I know what you’re thinking, you can have brunch anywhere, not just in NYC. But brunch is a typical weekend activity in the city. Sitting around a table with a bunch of friends sipping mimosas has quickly become one of my favorite activities.

3. Casual Celebrity Run-ins – I have been very lucky to see my fair share of celebrities while living in the city. Some of my most exciting run-ins have been with Ed Westwick, Joe Jonas, and Rachel Zoe. The pictures below were other casual encounters with Matthew Settle (“Rufus” from Gossip Girl) and Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone at the “Crazy, Stupid, Love” movie premiere.

4. Skyscrapers & Rooftops – There is something so magical about the view of Manhattan from a rooftop. The never ending “concrete jungle” is such a sight to see. The view from the plane ride flying into Manhattan is also one of the coolest spectacles.

5. Art & Fashion – New York is such a great place to soak up the art and fashion cultures. Every designer has their exhibitions and shows open in the city. Fashion Week has been down the street from me for two years. The elaborate window displays on Fifth Avenue are unlike any other.

Five Things I Won’t Miss About NYC

1. Small Apartment – As much as I love my little apartment, I can’t wait to have more space. Having to switch out my summer and winter wardrobes because they won’t all fit in my closet is something I don’t really love. I enjoy cooking but with a counter top that is only about a foot wide, it makes it nearly impossible. I will also not miss my window air conditioning units. They keep me cool most days but I really love central AC.

2. Winter – I hate winter. The only thing I like is that my hair doesn’t get frizzy and I get to wear cute scarves but besides that, nothing good comes between the months of December to April. I could live without the random blizzards, icy sidewalks and constantly wet feet.

3. Public Transportation – As efficient as the subway is, I really will be okay without it. The extreme heat in the middle of the summer, the homeless people constantly bothering you, and the less than delightful smells are all things I won’t miss. I can also do without riding in NY cabs and dealing with the (mostly) rude drivers. If I’m going to cut someone off or speed down the highway, I’d rather do it in the safety of my personal vehicle.

4. Rodents – Back in Florida, I’m used to seeing squirrels and lizards. In NYC, mice are the equivalent of these creatures. It’s sad that when mice cross my path here, I don’t even flinch or think twice. Also, a few months back, I was sitting in a Times Square movie theater enjoying a flick when I heard little chirping sounds next to me. I look over and realize there is a rat sitting on my armrest. I jumped up as fast as possible and ran to customer service, demanding a refund after being traumatized. No one even apologized because they said “this happens all the time.” I really dislike these disgusting little creatures.

5. Higher Cost of Living – It’s hard to write my rent check each month. My rent is double from what I paid in college and I have half the space. A trip to the grocery store includes a $6 box of cereal or a $15 pack of toilet paper. I will no longer have to fill my suitcase with Walmart toiletries when visiting New Jersey.


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