Live Everyday Like It’s the Weekend

As a kid, I was always being dragged to museums as an “educational experience” by my mom. As I grew up, I learned to really appreciate and enjoy history and artwork. In NYC, many museums have free entry during various times of the week so you’re not forced to spend $25 on their suggested donation price.

On a cloudy Saturday afternoon, Courtney and I spent some time in Central Park. Although I’ve been to the park many times, there are always new parts of it to discover. We visited the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir which is a beautiful lake with a picturesque background of Upper East Side buildings. After a leisurely walk we made our way over to the Guggenheim Museum. The structure of the building is exquisite and the artwork was modern and quite interesting.

To top off our day, we had burgers at J.G Melon. Chef Bobby Flay claims these are the best burgers in all of Manhattan – I would have to agree with him. Except Shake Shack comes in a pretty close second…

To continue our Memorial Day fun, Courtney and I spent Monday on her rooftop. Since we don’t have any local pools or beaches (no one really wants to lay out at Coney Island), we spent the afternoon whipping up pina coladas and hanging out on her roof. It was an unseasonably hot day and we only lasted a mere two hours. We spent the remainder of the afternoon watching movies in the comfort of my air conditioned apartment.

Last week, I decided to change up my hair color and indulge in the new ombré style that everyone has been raving about. Although it didn’t come out exactly as I had planned, it will be fun to sport the color for the summer. While I was sitting at the salon, I watched paparazzi gather in the streets of Soho. All of a sudden, Rachel Zoe along with her baby Skyler and husband Rodger, appeared across the street! Even though my hair was soaking wet, I had to run down the street for a photo opp. It was so cool to see one of my fashion icons up close!

Summer weekends are the best- the warm air and good friends always make for fun nights! No more lugging jackets and snow boots around. Summer is finally here!


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