It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Last weekend Courtney and I took a weekend getaway to Philadelphia. We spent two days in the historic city. I visited Philly when I was younger with my family but this was Courtney’s first time visiting.

We caught a morning bus from NYC and arrived in Philly just in time for brunch. We checked into our hotel and were surprised to have such an amazing view of the city. We then made our way over to the Italian Market which was full of fresh produce, various meat and cheese shops, and beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. We had brunch at Sabrina’s Cafe right near the market. The cafe was inside an old house and it seemed to be a neighborhood hotspot. I had the most fantastic French toast filled with warm cinnamon cream cheese and topped with caramelized bananas and syrup. I think I’m still stuffed from that meal!

I love how each part of the town has such a different feel. There was a beautiful church and quaint bakeries right around the corner from our brunch spot. We then ventured over to the city center and were in awe of the massive City Hall building. It’s the largest municipal building in the United States. The pink cherry blossoms were in bloom as well!

We made a quick stop into Macy’s to check out their annual flower show. Nearby was Love Park where the famous Love sign lives. There were also life-size board games pieces scattered throughout the park. After a long day of exploring and afternoon naps at the hotel, we had dinner at Amada. My friend Dana recommended the restaurant and it was quite fantastic! Spanish food, sangria, and tapas are a few of my favorite things. The restaurant was almost completely lit by candles. You could tell each tapas dish was carefully crafted by the chef. My favorite dish, surprisingly, was roasted dates stuffed with almonds, warm blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. The meal was absolutely delicious and the rose petal sangria wasn’t a bad way to top off the meal either.

On our second day in Philly, we spent the first half of our day stopping by all of the historical sites. We went to Independence Square and saw the Liberty Bell. We ventured down the street to the Betsy Ross House and Elfreth’s Alley to see all of the colorful, old houses. To end our trip to Philly, we stopped by Pat and Geno’s for some cheesesteaks. We had a great time exploring a new city!

I’m looking forward to spending the holiday weekend in New Jersey. Beautiful weather, a table full of food, chocolate eggs, and friends! Hope everyone has a very happy and blessed Easter!


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