What a World, What a Life, What a Winter

I’m proud to say I’ve almost survived my first New York winter. It’s been brutal and a huge change from my “winters” in Florida. My earmuffs and puffy coat have become my best friends. I’ve learned that all you need to stay warm is a wardrobe full of proper winter clothes. I got to experience my first snow storm a few days after the new year began. The snow lined trees and rolling hills of Central Park were quite a site to see when completely covered in snow.

Courtney and I have been on many adventures since she’s moved to the city. One Saturday morning we were trying to decide what to do with our day and we somehow ended up in Coney Island. I’ve only seen the boardwalk in movies and have always wanted to see it in person. Well, the dead of winter is not exactly the best time to visit. It was cold, deserted, and gloomy. We lasted on the boardwalk for 15 minutes until we went to seek shelter from the cold inside of Nathan’s Hotdogs. We got to experience the famous Coney Island landmark. One of the coolest sights though was the beach covered in snow. I’m looking forward to going back to Coney Island in the summer and enjoying the beach when it will be MUCH warmer!

I always love when my friends from back home come to visit me in the city! One of my college friends Zaina came to stay with me 2 weeks ago. On our first night out, we went to a restaurant called Simone Martini Bar. We had delicious martinis and a fabulous dinner inside this Victorian themed restaurant. We ended our night at one of my favorite bars, Angels and Kings. The owner of the bar is Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and this has quickly become one of our favorite places to frequent.

Since living in the city, I’ve realized how easy it is to have any type of food you want delivered to your apartment. Pinkberry is one of the most delicious frozen yogurt places plus they have so many flavors and toppings to chose from. We decided we wanted some and since it was about 20 degrees outside, we figured it would be easier to have it delivered (always a good choice). The next day we visited The High Line- an old railroad track that has been turned into a walkway above the city. The wooden boardwalk is full of grassy areas, lounge chairs, and gorgeous flowers but in the wintertime it’s mostly a mixture of snow and dead grass. The views from The High Line are breathtaking. From one side you can see the Hudson and the other side is the bustling streets of Manhattan.

In January I had the opportunity to move from my internship at Fuse to intern at Madison Square Garden in the Entertainment Department. This was a huge step for me because I am now working in the same office as the concert department. This semester I’m working specifically on Entertainment Marketing with the world famous Radio City Rockettes. I got the chance to see the backstage areas of Radio City Music Hall and meet some of the Rockettes. I’m so lucky to have such an amazing opportunity and fingers crossed, this internship will finally lead me into a full-time position with Madison Square Garden!

Towards the end of January, we had a huge snowstorm. I had my first “snow day” and spent the day inside my apartment where it was warm and dry but I had to venture out to take some pictures of the insane amounts of snow we received. Cars were absolutely covered to the point that it just looked like mounds of snow along the street. Every tree branch was completely white and the ground was covered in ice. It was pretty incredible to see so much snow in the middle of a big city.

February is my 6 month anniversary of living in New York City and every day that I spend here, I love it more and more!

I believe Valentine’s Day is not only about eating lots of chocolate and wearing pink, but about letting all of my friends and family know how much I love them! I’m so thankful for each and every one of you.

“Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.”


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